“LICoP started in December organizing recreational events for children with disabilities that include their siblings and parents in a relaxed environment. Judgment is set aside, if only for a day, for these families, like mine, to enjoy an activity that most families would take for granted. Program director Lisa Carlesco is always searching for opportunities for our children. The best ideas are often the simplest and this is clearly one of them. LICoP is making a difference in the lives of our children and the families who struggle to give them the opportunities so easily afforded typical children.”
-Kim Covell, Watermill, NY

“Thank you for caring and looking out for my future and thank you for all of your support at Special Olympics. Because of you, children like me will be able to have the chance to be the best that we can be. You are my angel.”
-Acie Harris (11 Years old), Montauk, NY

“As a family with 6 year old twins with Autism, living in Montauk, NY, it can be extremely challenging to find fun, appropriate and un-intimidating activities to do.  More often we end up just staying home and creating fun things for the boys to do, or we do things with them individually because it can be difficult to go out in public with both boys, especially since they might not enjoy the same activities.  LICOP has been so wonderful to our family and many others like us, here on the East End.  LICOP has managed to create environments conducive to the entire family.”  
                                                                   -Leslee & Fred Melamed, Montauk, NY

I just want to let you know that we think your organization is wonderful. What you are doing for the kids and their families is much needed out here on the east end.  Juliana really enjoys all the events, especially the pool parties.  We have met other families and made some good friends by going to these events.  It is so much easier to take Juliana to your gatherings because there are other families with special needs children, and everyone understands how hard it can be sometimes to be in social situations with a special needs child.  We can all feel comfortable and have a good time together.  Thanks so much for providing a much needed and appreciated service.  We look forward to attending more events in the future.
                                                                                    Fran, Julio, Juliana, & Michael Figueroa
East Hampton, NY

“It is our wish to convey to you our deepest gratitude for all the help and support LICoP provides for the families of children with, “differing abilities”.  We use this term instead of the usual term, ‘disabilities’ because when we are at a LICoP function, there are no handicaps presented. It is a welcome opportunity to be in a setting that celebrates being a family.  For ourselves personally, it is always a positive experience when we can be among like minded people who can appreciate our child’s strengths and his challenges. Most often we do not have the freedom to involve ourselves in community events as many times the events are geared toward typically- developing children, inadvertently leaving our families out of the mix. The LICoP events have changed all that, and for that we humbly send our thanks.”
 -Aleaze Hodgens,  East Hampton, NY